Hey you. Hi, you're cute.
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Hi, you're cute.

Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.
FRIENDS. photography. food. smiling. THE STARS. music. sleeping. starbucks. COLDPLAY. Long hair. anything purple. acrylic nails. SHOPPING. all time low. forever 21. Adventure Time. TUMBLR. singing at the top of my lungs. day dreaming. NEVERSHOUTNEVER. summertime. animals. taking risks. NEW THINGS. red hot chili peppers. NDSU. ice cream. bunnies. AMUSEMENT PARKS. laughing at anything and everything. driving around. BEING SILLY. unicorns. pay day. my laptop. FRESHMAN. scary movies. lake days. childish gambino. PRINCESS. drake. disney movies. laying in bed. DUBSTEP. being happy. nail polish. arizona tea. TRAVELING. funny people. rainy days. talkative. MAKING THINGS AWKWARD. the xx. thumb rings. cooking. GIGGLING. awolnation. old memories. pizza. READING A GOOD BOOK. we the kings. having a good time. sixteen candles. THE BAHAMAS. beachy waves. mall of america. my phone. puppies. DANCING WITH FRIENDS. a day to remember. blue eyes. KITTIES. enjoying life. taco bell.


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boyfriend: what’s for dinner?




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what is a sex drive where is the sex going does it even have a license